Friday, April 9, 2010

Lack has a "green" face

As a third world country, Peru has a “natural” recycling process. Glass bottles are exchanged when getting beverages (beer and soda for example), plastic containers are used as “tupperwares”, and appliances get repaired at cheaper costs. Labor is way cheaper compared to the U.S.
It’s not uncommon to see older car models, even from the sixties, running around the city. Peruvians say that “lack and adversity make people resourceful.” I completely agree with that.

In Lima we can see more shoe repair shops, tailors, car mechanics. You can find that anything can be repaired to extend its life. During my trip to Lima I took my reading glasses to be welded, and I paid 10 soles (a little bit over 3 dollars). A leather jacket was cleaned, tinted and reconditioned for 50 soles (18 dollars) a pair of jeans were hemmed for 6 soles, a little over 2 dollars. Not bad, at all.

Maids are also common in Lima and you don’t need to be rich to have a live-in maid.

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